Eyelash extensions procedure

A lot of people I’ve spoken to, friends and clients, both think that having eyelash extensions is a really daunting and painful procedure.

I’m here to reassure you that as long as your therapist is fully trained and qualified, this is far from the truth!

To help alleviate your fears, here’s a mini guide of what happens during a standard eyelash extension booking.


This could be done in person or over the phone to establish the precise look you’re after. Your preference might be more volume, or length. Your therapist will be able to propose the right eyelashes for you.


You’ll have a test patch performed 24-48 hours prior to your treatment. This will ensure that you don’t experience any adverse reactions. However it is important to remember your eyes are much more sensitive than any other area on your body, so if the extension is applied poorly (i.e. touching the skin), or if too much glue is applied this could cause a slight reaction. This is why it is important to choose your therapist wisely – make sure you read plenty of reviews first, or go through a recommendation from a friend.


The therapist will cleanse the eye to make sure that they are free of any oils or residual products or make up. Whilst cleansing the eyes, the therapist should discuss the eyelash length they suggest to be applied for your agreement. Much like having a tattoo (though nowhere near as permanent!) this is going to be on your body, so you need to make sure you are happy with what the therapist suggests.

Your therapist should use a collagen eye pad and tape it under your eye, or micropore tape to ensure your bottom eyelashes are taped down to avoid them adhering to the top false lashes that will be applied. Your eyes will then stay closed for the remainder of the treatment (no peeking!).

Primer will be applied to the eyelashes, prepping them for the application. This will be applied to each lash using cotton buds.

The actual procedure 

The therapist will then start to apply the desired lengths. I personally use two to three different lengths for a more authentic look. I start off applying the longer lengths to the middle of the eye and outer two thirds, before doing the exact same on the other eye.

I then go back to the first eye and blend the shorter lashes nearest the nose in with the longer lashes then repeat on the other side.

To finish, I go back through each eye to ensure that I have used every lash except for the tiny fine baby lashes that won’t be able to hold a false lash.

To finish

The lashes will then have sealant applied and be left for a few minutes to dry. A gentle brush through the lashes should follow, and then finally the tape/pads peeled off.

What to expect after

Your eyes are likely to water, a lot! After all, we’ve just attached some foreign objects to them! However you’ll be amazed how quickly you’ll adjust and completely forget they’re there.

Your therapist should be able to provide you with some important but easy aftercase tips to ensure they last for a good period of time. I’ll be writing a blog post on aftercare for lashes in the coming weeks so keep an eye out!

Have you had fake lashes before? Do you have any tips for fake lash virgins? Please leave your comments below, I’d love to hear them!


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