Good skincare routines in Winter

As we know, it’s really important to have good skincare routines all year round. However it is even more important in Winter, as the cold, harsh weather conditions can easily damage your skin and dry it out.

It can be hard to stick to a good skincare routine (especially those cold winter mornings when you don’t want to get out of bed or at night time when you just want to collapse!). I’m guilty of relaxing on my skincare every now and then, but I’ve put together a list that’ll hopefully be easy to follow and allow you to maintain fabulous, moisturised skin throughout these tough months!

Say “No!” to cleansing wipes

These do not cleanse your face well enough, nor do they properly remove all of your make up build up. Whilst they may be quick and easy, they’re also expensive and not effective enough at caring for your face.

Cleanse and tone

In the mornings, you should always lightly cleanse the face using cotton pads and a good cleanser. This will clean out the pores from any perspiration and bacteria build up experienced during the night.

Next, apply a toner and a light moisturiser before any primers or make up. Not only will this moisturise your face and protect it for the day ahead, but you’ll be surprised at how evenly your make up will apply and it will also last longer! Prior to using moisteriser and toner in the mornings I’d end up reapplying my make up several times throughout the day (and my skin would be so dry!!). With this new routine, I don’t stress about my make up sliding off at all.

Night time

Use your cleanser to remove your make up – twice. This should remove any make up, dirt and build up from the day. You could even do a third cleanse for that extra clean feeling. Then, apply your toner (using a more astringent toner for larger pores or acne-prone skin).

Here’s a tip – your cotton pads should be clean with no residue or make up left on your face. Apply a night cream or a thicker moisturiser. This should depend on your skin type. Use something lighter if you have larger pores, acne-prone skin or problem skin. Use a calming moisturiser for sensitive skin, and a deep moisturiser for dry skin.

Make sure to exfoliate 

Three to four times a week, it is important to exfoliate. You should use a light exfoliant to give your pores a deeper cleanse. As with the moisturiser, there are lots of different varieties for different skin types. Make sure you remove all of the grit before applying your toner and moisteriser.

Face masks

Once a week (my face mask night is Sunday night!), apply a good quality face mask after your usual exfoliation to give your skin an even deeper cleanse if you have problem skin, or just to really moisturise those dry areas if your skin is sensitive or dry.

If you have combination skin, such as an oily T-zone but dry cheeks, use a couple of face masks. Apply the deeper cleansing mask on your T-zone, then apply a moisturising or calming face mask to the rest of your face. This is important as you could end up making the areas worse if the wrong product is used.

When’s Summer coming?! 

My skincare routine isn’t quite as demanding in the Summer months, however that brings with it a whole new load of problems as most SPF sun lotions are far too oily for my face! But let’s tackle that problem when we’re out of Winter!

Do you have a good skincare routine? I’d love to hear it! Please comment below with your top tips.

If you have any questions about any of the above or would like to book a facial to kickstart off your Winter routine, please get in touch.


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