How to make the most out of your tan

So many women spend a lot of money on tanning products – particularly during the Winter months because we don’t see much sunshine here in England! – only to have that tan fade really quickly.

Tanning aftercare isn’t exactly a huge secret, but it is unfortunately quite time-consuming, which is why so many people put it off. It is worth doing though, particularly with how much topping up a tan costs!

I’m hoping these tips will help:

  • Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! Even your face, and especially your knees and elbows!
  • Moisturise thoroughly the week leading up to your tan appointment. Ideally use a body butter, as it is thicker and leaves the skin moisturised for longer. Make sure you include elbows, knees and any dry patches you are aware of.
  • The morning of your tan, exfoliate and shower once more, but rather than applying your usual deodorant, moisturisers, perfume, etc, leave your skin completely bare. These products could all affect the tan’s absorption into your skin.
  • If you’re using a self tan rather than visiting a salon, keep it on your skin for as long as the guidelines say, and no more. Leaving a tanning product on any longer will not affect the tan or make it any darker.
  • After, rinse well in the shower rather than a bath. Soap is absolutely fine to use, and make sure you get all the residual tan off (pay particular attention to your chest, belly button, behind your ears and back of the knees). Pat dry with a towel and apply moisturiser.
  • Continue to moisturise in the mornings and evenings, but only shower once a day. This will make your tan last longer.
  • On day three or four after your tan session, lightly exfoliate your skin to remove any excess tan, moisturise as normal, then repeat on day six or seven for an even longer lasting tan!

If you visit a beauty salon for a tan, the beautician should be able to provide all of these aftercare tips for you to follow.

Do you have any special tips for making your tan last for as long as possible, I’d love to hear them!


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