The benefits of OPI GelColor

Everyone has their favourites when it comes to nail colours, and new technology means products are changing all the time.

The current trend is OPI GelColor.

What is it?

Simply, a gel nail varnish that makes a manicure longer wearing. The gel is set under a lamp, providing a gorgeous, chip-free resistant nail colour. The gel is actually beneficial for your nail, unlike many other varnishes, and there is a huge range of colours available.

The benefits of using OPI GelColor:

  • A gel colour lasts up to two-three weeks, with no chips
  • As long as the gel isn’t picked off or removed inappropriately, there should be absolutely no damage to the natural nail
  • The special patented formula means your nails are not only protected, but gives them extra strength to grow. This is especially helpful to weak nails, or if you are a biter!
  • No waiting around for half an hour whilst your polish dries. It will be cured under the lamp and be dry instantly. The result is a completely smudge-resistant colour, and will last up to 5x longer than standard nail varnish.
  • The gel keeps its glossy shine for the whole time and doesn’t fade
  • And most importantly, it is all of your favourite OPI colours, but in a gel!

Get in touch if you’d like to book your first session using OPI GelColor.


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