Top beauty tips for looking your best on your wedding day

It’s wedding season!!!

Every bride wants to feel amazing for the most special day in their lives. So, this is why I have decided to write a blog on how to do all your beauty prep for the big day. There are so many things to think about from having perfectly manicured nails, an even tan, and even flawless skin.

First things first…. Your skin!

Exfoliation is key to remove all the dead skin cells, and to avoid any dry patches… there’s nothing nice about having dry and peeling skin when trying to achieve an even tan, or blemish free makeup.

All you need is a really good salt scrub or something similar with a fine grain exfoliant rather than something too course and harsh, this will enable you to gently exfoliate away all the dead cells on a regular basis to avoid any build up and maintain smooth and silky skin. My all time favourite body scrub is ‘Elemis Frangipani Manoi Salt Scrub’ which you can buy online or in store. It is quite pricey but you only need a small amount 2/3 times a week. This goes perfectly with the ‘Elemis Frangipani Monoi Oil’ or just a cocoa butter based moisturiser if your budget is a bit tighter. You will be so surprised how different your skin will look simply by exfoliating and keeping it well hydrated, as well as how good it will look too! Make sure you get a separate facial exfoliant too as the ones for your body will be too harsh for your face.

So that’s the exfoliation part done, quick and simple, 2/3 times a week and start asap – you will probably want to keep this up for the foreseeable future when you see what a difference it makes, so I won’t put a time frame of when you should start and stop.

Body hair is probably the thing you hate most in your beauty regime and dread having to deal with, I know I do. However, if you can get into a routine of regular waxing alongside exfoliation, your legs will be silky smooth, you’ll prevent ingrown hairs, and you won’t have to worry about it for at least 4-6weeks. How amazing is that! I am a massive wuss when it comes to waxing but if you can persevere, it definitely pays off. It will even become less painful! It could even turn out to be the least of your worries. Also, you won’t need to worry about shaving or using hair removal creams on the day of your wedding as all your waxing can be done beforehand. Especially if you are planning to have a tan the day before, as we don’t want to remove that summer glow. Underarms, bikini line, legs and facial waxing can all be done about 4/5 days before hand and will even last for your honeymoon if you leave shortly after the big day.

Now for the tan, on your perfectly prepped skin. I would highly recommend having a trial run beforehand so that you can see how it will turn out, and to help you decide on what shade is best for you. If you are having a hen party, this would be the perfect opportunity to do so! I would advise you to try a darker shade to begin with as the fade will be a nicer colour. Another benefit is that it will be less risky to go a shade lighter for your wedding day, than going for a shade darker and risk being too dark. If you have managed to keep up the exfoliation and have had all your waxing done, you will be ready for your tan too be applied the day before; so that you have time to let it develop, sleep in it, then wash off the morning of your wedding. To achieve the best results, avoid applying any moisturiser or product to you skin before your tan. The best way to do this is to shower just before your appointment. This will give you the most even tan. I would also recommend having your waxing a good few days beforehand to let your pores close again as this will ensure the tan sits on your skin nicely. When the tan has been applied, be sure to wear loose clothing and avoid anything with straps as these can give you funny tan lines. When you come to wash it off in the morning, don’t exfoliate or use a harsh sponge, just simply rinse off with soap, and thoroughly moisturise your entire body, this will keep your tan looking its best as well as preventing any patches. See my tanning blog post for more tips on tanning and keeping your tan!

Bitten, short and splitting nails? No thank you! Nobody wants to be showing off their wedding ring in photos without perfectly manicures nails. Don’t worry, this is easily avoided, even if you are a nail biter! Get yourself a really good hand cream (my personal favourite is Clarins Hand and Nail or any OPI avojuice) and apply morning and night, you can even add in a really good cuticle oil if you are one of those who suffers from bad hang nails or splitting cuticles. To get a decent length on your nails if they are weak, or if you bite them, I’d suggest a simple gel polish every 2 weeks. You should start this about 10 weeks before the wedding, meaning that your nails will be manicured for your hen party too! If you stick to having gel polish applied every 2 weeks and keep the length short to keep them strong, your nails will be in really good condition to then let them grow about 4 weeks before the day and avoid any breaks or chips too! Don’t be tempted to pick off your gel polish though as this will instantly weaken your nails and you may end up breaking them before your next gel appointment. Worst case scenario you could even go for Gel Extensions which will add length and strength to your natural nails, and instantly give you perfect nails.

Breakouts? Dry facial skin? Blocked pores? These will all be the least of your worries if you prep beforehand. Facials can be tailored to your individual needs, and give you flawless skin for your makeup to be applied to. I’d suggest having a facial every 4 weeks or so in the lead up to the big day. I would also advise to have your last facial about 2 weeks before, as sometimes they can make your skin worse for a few days before it gets better. This is because any products or steam used in the facial will release any toxins from your skin causing a breakout, which will then leave it clear for the wedding. Also, you won’t want to have any facial waxing or tan straight after as this will irritate the skin. Don’t stress if you do have any blemishes or spots for the big day as there is some amazing make up out there to cover it up, and stressing will only make it worse.

Finally, after all the rushing around and prepping, try and book in a full body massage or head massage for you and your partner, or even just yourself, to release those tense/stressed muscles and any knots. This will be well deserved after all the effort you have gone to arranging everything, and even give you better posture in your wedding dress!





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